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Client: Just Zorgverzekering

Case: Just Mental Health Hour

Partner: Twitch

Game: Just Chatting

“Psychological support for young people on video site Twitch”

De Telegraaf newspaper

How can health insurer Just Zorgverzekering reach young people (20+) through gaming and contribute to Just’s long-term growth?


In the Netherlands, 30% of young people experience mental health issues. The growing importance of mental wellness is underlined by the fact that it is a popular topic of discussion between Twitch creators and their communities.

To address this issue, we helped Just Zorgverzekering partner up with Twitch creators Puxque and Fems o launch the “Just Mental Health Hour” – a live content series on Twitch providing young people with practical tools to improve their mental health.

During the Just Mental Health Hour, hosts and guests from the Twitch community shared their stories, received tips and advice from Psychologist Najla Edriouch, and had access to the Just app: “App de coach” for direct support.


  • Average viewing time of 8+ minutes
  • 6,567 live chatbox messages
  • Engagement rate of 17.3%
  • The event also significantly increased Just’s brand awareness and consideration among exposed users: +50% increase in brand awareness and +100% increase in brand consideration compared to non-exposed users.

Just Zorgverzekering was clearly able to engage with its target audience and provide valuable resources to support their mental health.

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