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Welcome players. We are The Invaders. Where brands meet gamers.

We are a game media agency: an independent creative syndicate that helps brands unlock the marketing value that gaming culture provides.

We are gamers at heart and creative marketeers by choice.
We have been playing the game of brands and gaming since 2015.
We are specialists.

We’ve been responsible for the first ever in-game only shirt sponsorship in FIFA.

We’ve helped blood centers on two continents save lives IRL through League of Legends.

We’ve encouraged many youngsters to explore reading, inspired by both Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed.

We have won quite a few boss stages and always keep on playing to achieve our next goal:
to power up your brand by engaging the gaming community.

We work for brands across the planet, invite you to our gaming room in our Dutch home base and are ready to team up in any kind of world.

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