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Client: Samsung

Case: Game Crafters

Game: Variety of games

“Develop an annual plan that leads to increased consideration and resonates towards brand love, in which Samsung as an enabler, holds a unique position in gaming culture.”


After successfully featuring Samsung Galaxy on Team Gullit’s FIFA22 crest as an in-game partnership, the question arose regarding the development of a game-transcending strategy to create a unique position in gaming for Samsung as an enabler.

Therefore, we devised a strategy that enables gamers to express their digital creativity in ways that seemed impossible before.

This strategy came to life through ‘Samsung Game Crafters’, a celebration of the art of making, providing a stage, tools, explanations, and equipment for creators in the gaming domain to begin, enhance and excel in their creations.

Samsung Game Crafters consists of episodes challenging creators to build something unique for various streamers and youtubers, showcasing their works, and additionally offering viewers kickstart classes, behind-the-scenes insights, and practical articles, providing the content needed to get hands-on and elevate Dutch gaming culture to the next level.

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