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Client: International Judo Federation

Case: The Mystery of the Budokan

Game: Minecraft

How can we educate children worldwide on the values of judo through gaming?


With the return of the Olympic Games to Tokyo after 57 years, the Judo tournament will once again be held in the iconic Budokan stadium, where Dutch judo legend Anton Geesink made history by winning a gold medal.

We partnered with Mojang Studios to create “The Mystery of the Budokan,” an educational Minecraft experience for kids worldwide. Players embark on eight quests focused on judo’s core values such as respect, honesty, and friendship, by collecting hidden objects and solving puzzles. This innovative approach introduces kids to the sport of judo in a fun and interactive way.

With over 140 million active players worldwide, Minecraft provides a unique opportunity for the International Judo Federation to reach a large and diverse audience. “The Mystery of the Budokan” is the first time a sports federation has leveraged the power of Minecraft to educate young people about their sport.


Over 2.6 million unique players visited “The Mystery of the Budokan”.

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