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Knorr ModTheVeg The Invaders case Knorr ModTheVeg The Invaders case

Client: Knorr

Case: #ModTheVeg

Game: Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA and more

Making veggies the ultimate power-up

Vegetables get a bad rap in almost all major games. Eating meat gives players more health points or boosts than vegetables. How do we change that unfair and illogical ratio and make sure that games match the reality we live in?


Together with Knorr The Invaders launched a worldwide campaign called #ModTheVeg, putting veggie equality on the radar of gamers. By collaborating with the best modders around the world the gaming for brands-agency developed mods for famous games that supercharge the role that vegetables play. Not only making them equal to other food options, but also giving players an experience that is fun to play.

From adding 29 new food items to Minecraft, including Knorr stock cubes, and a parkour experience in Fortnite to adding a vegetable shaped car to GTA: for the first time players are rewarded for choosing veggies over meat. 

To amplify the campaign The Invaders and Knorr teamed up with Ninja, the biggest streamer in the world, as well as many local Twitch heroes in other countries, generating impact for a worldwide audience. 

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