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Client: YoungCapital

Case: Dutch College League

Partner: Riot Games

Game: League of Legends

Successful game campaign ensures 2,800 new beta student enrollments for YoungCapital,” (national financial daily newspaper)

Het Financieel Dagblad

How do you increase the appeal of employment agency Young Capital among well-educated science and maths (beta) students?


After conducting target audience research, we discovered that highly selective League of Legends players were a good match for this YoungCapital target group. We also established that there was a strong desire among student eSports associations for a large-scale competition. This resulted in the Dutch College League, which became the first eSports tournament to be aired on Dutch TV. The games were aired live on Fox Sports and the winner represented the Netherlands during the League of Legends Worlds for amateurs in Jakarta.


The Dutch College League became YoungCapital’s biggest PR campaign since the company was launched.

2,800 beta student enrolled with YoungCapital as a result.

Favourable national media attention on TV:  NOS, RTL News and in the national newspapers De Volkskrant, NRC and FD.

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