How can Sanquin make use of LEC to lower the barrier to blood donation?

With their #myfirstblood campaign, Sanquin has become well-known within the League of Legends community. Their greatest challenge continues to be recruiting structural donors: those who will donate time and time again. Research shows that the more someone knows about their own blood, the more willing they are to donate. Rotterdam Ahoy hosts the finale weekend of the European League of Legends competition. We will post a branded, mobile blood drive at this event to test as many attendees as possible for their blood type. Whilst in the main hall of Ahoy the European finals are about to start, gamers are queueing outside to find out their blood type. Who would have thought! 



Over 750 people were tested for their blood type over the course of two afternoons. A world record! Dutch teenagers and young adults has a significantly more positive association with blood donation after the event. The activation was covered in various national media, e.g. on de Telegraaf, Radio1, and RTV Rijnmond.


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