How to mobilize young men to become blood donors?

Through a partnership with the European League of Legends competition (LEC).

We use the game’s first major action, First Blood, as a link to the theme of this campaign #myfirstblood. Through different assets from the broadcasting program, gamers are called upon to register as a blood donor. For the first time ever, millions of gamers viewed an in-game message from a partner of the LEC, when they are asked to become a blood donor in real life. After they have taken a bloodtest at Sanquin these young men and women received a League of Legends in-game skin.



More than 7.400 young gamers signed up as a blood donor.

Due to this campaign, blood donation received media attention internationally and in The Netherlands it also reached far beyond the Dutch gaming community. Media outlets such as NOS Journaal, de Telegraaf, and Linda magazine made sure to draw attention to the importance of blood donation.

#myfirstblood has been awarded with a Gouden Spin, Gouden GPCM, SAN Accent, Zilveren SponorRing, Zilveren GPCM and 2 Bronze Esprix Awards.


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