How can we mobilise the Netherlands to push for Johan Cruijff to be recognised at the level off Pelé and Maradona?

We admit. This case wasn’t brought to us by a client. During our many games off FIFA at the office, we grew frustrated with the in-game rating for Johan Cruijff (94). Maradona (97) and Pelé (98) are rated significantly higher. So we decided to use the name of Cruijff to mobilise the masses. In honour of the man himself. We found out Koen Weijland shared our frustrations, and fascination. From here, things quickly got out of hand. Ronald Koeman, Sjaak Swart, and other (former) soccer players offer to back us up. An interview in De Telegraaf marks the beginning of our fourteen day campaign. The rest Is history.



39.000 signatures from across the globe within fourteen days.
Over 250.000 visits of the landing page for the petition.
(Inter)national media coverage with news reports on e.g. NOS Jeugdjournaal, De Telegraaf, Radio 538, AD.


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