Increase Domino’s appeal as an employer for students.

We matched Domino’s to the eDivisie. Under the umbrella of ‘Best job for students’, they ran a year long campaign proving that Domino’s is the perfect employer. Current and new employees got to be the firsts to play the new FIFA20 game, and were offered an organised trip to Gamescom. The partnership really took off when we asked the analysts and presenters of the eDivisie to participate in an episode of ‘Commentatoren in je oren’ which we shot in a Domino’s store.



250.000 views of ‘Commentatoren in je oren’ (without any media budget)
99% positive sentiment regarding the videos on Youtube.

Domino’s was the strongest riser (71 to 8) on the list of favourite student jobs.

Best job for students was awarded with a SAN Accent.


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