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Client: UM & Fernandes

Case: You Drink Fernandes Together

Partner: Supergaande

Platform: Twitch

Develop a gaming campaign to heavily support Fernandes and the “drink together” concept among gamers.


We form a natural partnership where “together” resonates through the project DNA. With Fernandes as the sender, we set up a content series on Twitch with comedy artist duo Supergaande. Together with the “friends of the show” they take on a weekly challenge. The content produced on Twitch is then distributed on all Supergaande’s channels on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.


  • Twitch: 41,535 viewers
  • Instagram 1,070,300 views
  • TikTok: 1,340,700 views
  • YouTube: 298,556 views

Join us at our Haarlem offices for a can of Fernandes! Are you a Cherry Bouquet person? Or is Cream Ginger your thing? The fridge is cool, gaming is hot. Let’s talk.

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