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Client: Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book (CPNB)

Case: The Amazing Treehouse Adventures

Partner: The Dutch Society for Nature Conservation (Natuurmonumenten — OERRR)

Game: Minecraft

“Minecraft can also persuade young people to get into reading”

Het Algemeen Dagblad

How do we enrich the Children’s Book Week through the world of gaming, in a place where kids hang out every day?


We develop a Minecraft world for the Children’s Book Week, to encourage reading skills and promote the pleasure of books. Here, kids come into contact with reading, books, and nature while having fun. In this collaboration between The Invaders, the CPNB Foundation and Natuurmonumenten (OERRR), we challenge young Minecrafters to solve nature puzzles, and to build the most amazing treehouse in the game. All these young gamers also have the chance of winning an overnight stay in a real treehouse built by Natuurmonumenten (OERRR). This is a powerful example of a campaign that brings the physical and digital worlds together.


  • 22.000 visits in the Minecraft World
  • Average playing time: 149 minutes
  • PR attention on the national TV youth news, and news show Hart van Nederland and the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

Want to know more? Head to our offices in Haarlem. We don’t have a treehouse (yet). We do have coffee.

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