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Client: Sanquin

Case: #MyFirstBlood

Partner: LEC (European League of Legends competition)

Game: League of Legends

“Recruiting blood donors through a computer game may sound unconventional, but it proves effective.”

NOS Journal

How can you activate young men to become blood donors?


In a ground-breaking collab, The Invaders help Sanquin join forces with the European League of Legends competition (LEC) to use the extremely popular game as a springboard to promote blood donations. We made an interesting link between the important in-game occurence ‘first blood’, and the theme campaign #myfirstblood. The campaign encourages gamers to register as blood donors. For the first time ever, millions of gamers see a campaign message from an LEC partner, in which they are incentivized to become a blood donor in the real world. Gamers who take a blood test at Sanquin receive a League of Legends in-game skin as a reward.


  • Over 7,400 young men registered as blood donors
  • #myfirstblood generates significant international media attention and increases public awareness on the importance of blood donation in the Netherlands and beyond.

The campaign won several awards: Gold Spin Award, Gold GPCM Award, SAN Accent, Silver SponsorRing, Silver GPCM Award, and 2 Bronze Esprix Awards.

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