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Client: Mountain Dew

Case: Game Fuel League

Partner: Psyonix

Game: Rocket League

“Mountain Dew aims to provide aspiring gamers with opportunities to showcase their skills on an international stage.”

Power Unlimited

Optimize the reach of the Dutch roll-out of Mountain Dew’s European gaming campaign.


In its European campaign Mountain Dew gives amateur Rocket League players a chance to prove themselves on the professional gaming stage. To maximize its impact in the Dutch gaming community, we help Mountain Dew partner with Power Unlimited (PU), one of the largest online platforms for gamers with 750,000 unique visitors every month. In the content series “Team PU: Road to Mountain Dew Game Fuel League” we follow one of the teams during their preparations for the tournament.


The three-part content series on Power Unlimited and a final physical event (in contrast to many other countries) led to Mountain Dew sponsoring a Dutch team to compete in the European finals in Birmingham, UK.

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