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Client: FloraQueen

Case: FlowerUp

Partner: OG Esports

“Spam this flower, to give charity power.”

OG Esports

Position a flower as the most accessible and sympathetic thank you for young people.


Anyone who thinks about flowers and gaming automatically ends up at OG Esports. This top European team and its fans have been using the sunflower emoticon for years as symbol for playful encouragement during major competitions. ‘Spam this flower to give N0tail power’ is a reference to the top player in the Dota2 team. The phrase is impossible to ignore in the OG Esports timeline. We set up a partnership between FloraQueen and OG Esports and develop a campaign to encourage fans to support each other in real life by sending flowers. Part of the proceeds were donated to the World Health Organization.


Positive reactions from OG Esports fans across social media channels. Sunflowers overflow the timelines again, but differently this time.

Has this planted seeds of curiosity in your mind about gaming collabs? Let’s bloom together.

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