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Client: Sanquin

Case: Wereldrecord bloedgroep bepalen

Partner: LEC

Game: League of Legends

Dutch gamers set World Record for blood determinations

De Telegraaf Newspaper

How can we motivate gamers to donate blood regularly?


With the success of the #myfirstblood campaign, Sanquin established a strong presence in the League of Legends community. The challenge now is to engage people in regular blood donation. Research shows that the more people understand about their own blood type, the more likely they are to donate blood. The final weekend of the European League of Legends competition was staged in Rotterdam’s Ahoy convention center. We set up a mobile location so that as many gamers as possible to find out their blood group. As the European League of Legends final was just about to start, there was still a long line of gamers outside our unit waiting to discover their blood type. Who would have thought it?


The event was a huge success, resulting in more than 750 blood group tests in just two afternoons, setting a new World Record. The event generated strong positive associations with blood donation among young people in the Netherlands and attracted considerable media attention, with reports in De Telegraaf newspaper, Radio1, and RTV Rijnmond.

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