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Client: The Invaders

Case: #Cruyff98

Partner: Koen Weijland

Game: FIFA20

“Petition for Low FIFA20 Rating of Johan Cruijff gains over 39,000 Signatures”

De Telegraaf Newspaper

How do we elevate Johan Cruijff’s status in FIFA20 alongside legends Pelé and Maradona?


We have to admit, we asked ourselves this question. During our in-office FIFA games, our frustration had grown about the in-game rating which Johan Cruijff was given (94). Our Dutch legend was significantly lower ranked than Pelé (98) and Maradona (97). We saw an opportunity to address the frustration in the Netherlands surrounding Cruijff’s “low” rating. We asked around and found that Dutch veteran E-sports FIFA specialist Koen Weijland shared this fascination/obsession. We initiated a light-hearted 14-day petition drive which soon got out of hand. Various (ex-) footballers such as Ronald Koeman and Sjaak Swart lent their support and the rest, as they say, is history. A media kick-off with an interview in popular national daily paper De Telegraaf newspaper sparked a campaign that generated significant national and international media attention.


  • 39,000 signatures collected in 14 days from around the world
  • Over 250,000 visitors on the petition page
  • National and international media coverage including NOS Youth Journal, De Telegraaf newspaper, Radio 538, and newspaper Algemeen Dagblad

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